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Capital view at 301 i street NW, DC
DC Lofty at 1333 11th street NW, DC


Is food included?

We provide 24 hour access to FREE pancake mix, coffee, tea, sugar, creamers, cooking oil, spices, etc. This IS essentially free breakfast option, to make it yourself! We don't provide other food options as part of your stay, due to the great locations that we've placed our hostels in, and thus the high price of operating there. Both locations are within just a few blocks of numerous 24-hour grocery stores (2-3 blocks away), 24-hour convenience stores (1-2 blocks away). Additionally we have constructed high-end gourmet kitchens, and we encourage our guests to put them to use. We've found that you will SAVE more and prepare yourselves a meal you truely want to enjoy, rather than us charging more for the stay, preparing a common breakfast.

How long can I stay?

The maximum days in a year that we can allow guess to stay is 7 days. There are rare exceptions, if visiting for work/school/internship that can be made, but we do try and stick to this policy, so as to offer the most interesting mix of people.

Return/Cancellation policy flexibility

We offer an industry leading 24 hour cancellation period for hostels, and a 48 hour cancellation period for luxury executive suites. We ask that you EMAIL us at CONTACT@DCLOFTY.COM or CONTACT@CAPITALHOSTELS.COM with your cancelation request, and clearly include your last name and the booking number. Additionally, if you booked through our own booking system, you could do so from the confirmation email automatically!

For those, who have ALREADY checked in, we ALSO offer a 100% refund policy, for the days that you will not need or have overbooked - with sufficient prior notice. With this peace of mind, you do not need to know the exact dates of your departure – we only ask that you inform us 72 hours in advance. Cancellations made on the day of the reservation, or in the case of no show are due a 100% charge of a single night stay. Cancellations (if check-ed in) for the 2nd and 3rd night receive a 50% refund; for executive luxury suites, we require the full 3 days notice for refunds. Days that fall within the three days, experience a full charge. This is a great option if your plans change, or if you are new to Washington, DC, and in the hunt for an apartment.

Who do we cater to?

We cater to long-term and short-term guests. We seek to be the most affordable higher-end choice for your business and pleasure trips to Washington, DC.

Group return policy

For groups we usually set up individual booking and return guidelines, however, the general policy is that 4 people and above are considered a group. For groups, we reserve the rigth to charge 25% of the total prior to arrival to verify that the credit card details provided are valid, leaving you with 75% to pay upon arrival. Return policy states that the 25% deposit becomes non-refundable for groups before a certain date prior to check-in. The larger the group, the earlier the deposit is required - usually at least 1 month prior to check-in for bigger groups. The deposit becomse NON-REFUNDABLE for groups from 2 weeks to 1 month prior to check-in (depending on size). Groups' refunds also work differently than individual refunds. Depending on the size (4 individuals and up), we reserve the right to charge 50%-100% of the total in the window of when the deposit became non-refundable up to the expected check-in date. For smallest groups that would mean the 25% deposit is charged at LEAST a month prior. It may be refundable UP to 2 weeks prior to expected check-in, at that point it becomes NON-refundable. A cancellation made within those 14 days prior arrival would loose the 25% deposit and still be liable to 50%-100% of the charge of the reservation. 14 days out it may be JUST the deposit, and the closer to the expected date the 50% of the reservation up to 100% may be charged (variers by size of groups, days staying, other factors).

Do we accept credit cards/cash?

Yes we do! We accept Major credit and debit cards – VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX. We work with PCI compliant firms, and thus your credit card information will always be safe with us. We also accept company checks, traveler’s checks and personal checks (as long as they have cleared prior to arrival). Cash is also accepted.

Any extra charges to pay?

The price is all inclusive for the stay amenities (free linens, towels, wifi, computers, tv, xbox, wii, phone usage, kitchen access, luggage storage, etc.). Keep in mind that Washington, DC taxes every reservation at 14.5%, and that this charge will be added after the deposit is paid – not to worry we adjust our prices to make sure they are still low even with this. We also offer laundry on-site that is $5 per load for both – washing and drying. We do have parking at DC Lofty for a fee ($10-$15), depending on availability. Late check-ins after 10PM are POSSIBLE, but must be EXPLICITLY approved by staff and there is a $10 charge to arrange for a self check-in. This option must be manager approved, and set up 24 hours in advance.

Is there Parking?

We have parking available at DC LOFTY location for $10 to $15 a night - depending on availability of our small lot ($10 if your car is the only car in the lot). Capital View DOES NOT have its own parking. However, there is a huge lot adjacent to Capital View hostel (as it is in the center of downtown DC), run by a third party that charges $8 for a 12 hour period. Alternatively both locations have some free and paid street parking - and signs posted on the sidewalks will indicate that. Please ask us at check-in for best solutions! Remember, SUNDAY parking is free in Washington, DC.

Late check-ins

Our office hours are from 10AM to 10PM, and we allow for folks to check-in at any point during that time. We do not do check-ins PRIOR to 10AM. We do offer a 24 self check-in option. This option MUST be approved by a manager 24 hours prior to your reservation's start date. There is a tiny $10 set-up fee; repeat: every late check-in MUST BE authorized by staff - so please contact us early if you cannot change your plans!

Any other quirks?

We are fully transparent with our charges and rules. We do have very clean and safe spaces, and we do ask all of our guests to take their shoes off upon entering the hostels. In exchange, we provide hotel quality slippers!

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